About Aussie Stone Tech Pty Ltd

We created this business first and foremost to listen and understand our customer’s needs. We supply them with a competitive price and excellent quality. We work passionately with Designers and Project Managers to comprehend every detail of your project and ensure your needs are met. We are here to help you with design/colour selection, check measure,manufacture and install. We are proud to serve every individual. Aussie Stone Tech takes the time to understand your desires. Whether it be a small kitchen renovation or brand new block of units, we are here to satisfy your needs. Our strong bond with leading suppliers globally enable us to offer the best quality stone in Australia. Buy direct from our us. you will be pleasantly surprised with the total saving.
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Our team works hard to meet the expectations of our clients by providing them with a valuable service that they can enjoy for years to come. We handle all aspects of restoration, preservation, construction or any other masonry needs you have as well as the supply of premium sandstone. We work to schedule so call us today on 02 89590985 for a free consultation.